Rudy´s TourByVan #1 in Cruise Critic by 8th. consecutive year

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Tour By Van Best in Cruise Critic for 6th consecutive year

 A recommendation letter:I rarely find myself wanting to sit down and writing a letter of recommendation for a guide, but  Acapulco Tour Guides was exceptional in a difficult business for both toursits and guides.

We had a wonderful visit and now, I am genuinely happy to write a letter on behalf of Acapulco Tour Guides.

We contacted Rudy in January for a last minute trip to Mexico in February and found that  the start of  our experience, he was professional, reliable and a man of his word.

We are experienced travelers and happily use local guides, but even with that, Rudy exceeded our  expectations!

First, he communicates constantly with you and answers any questions you might have regarding the trip.

Second, he is honest and told us directly that he himself would not be available, but another driver would be (no bait and switch).

Third, he does not require a deposit until the end of the trip in Acapulco…quite remarkable as every other Mexican guide did require a deposit.

Fourth, he is a decent man. He was waiting for us on the docks and we easily found him within minutes of departing the boat. We had booked a group of four and when we arrived in Acapulco, two of our members were sick.

As a businessman, he could have easily been suspicious, gotten angry at the loss of income, but he instead allowed us to go out in a van with only two at no additional cost. He handled the situation extremely well and was very fair to us in not insisting that we make up the cost of the missing two people.

Fifth, he is a man of his word. Again, I say this because what we wanted was not a bar/hotel trip but an unusual photography opportunity. Not only did we travel everywhere in Acapulco, but we saw wonderful things few tourists see!

It was a perfect day for us and it was made even better by our guide who educated us on the history and culture of the city as well as letting us stop wherever our curiosity led us! It is rare in this world that one does what they say they are going to do…Rudy kept his word on every promise, providing us with an AC van, cold drinks and a knowledgeable guide at a very fair price.

I have no reservations recommending his services. We left Acapulco knowing that our experience was exceptional compared to that offered by the boat.

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