Typical Beach Village & Horseback Riding Baby Turtle Release $52.99 USD

Easily combine several activities in Acapulco in this single tour, with all details arranged in advance. Saddle up to ride down the sandy beach; expert guidance and supervision means both experts and novices will enjoy the ride. Participate in a baby turtle release program. Arranging all of these activities individually would be difficult, but this tour takes care of the logistics so you can just focus on the experience.

An exciting opportunity to interact with live sea turtles that is only available to a select few people.  Acapulco is one of the only places in the world where sea turtles rise from their ocean environment and make their way onto the beach where they will build a nest and lay their eggs. This special place along the beaches of Acapulco is protected by law, but unfortunately natural predators don’t know about these laws, and the eggs, nests, and baby sea turtles are subjected to attacks from birds, iguanas and other predators that is way is important that we help them in their way to the ocean. Also get ready to enjoy a great horseback riding adventure tour to a beautiful uncrowded beach. Come with us to this eco adventure and ride a very tame horse. This an ecological ride that will leave you wanting more. We offer you the tamest horses, well fed and kept in good shape.  Saddle up and get ready to experience a nice, smooth ride along a  beautiful Acapulco Beach! Finally, enjoy stunning views and quiet contemplation at this chapel, perched high above Acapulco and marked by a massive white cross. Be driven up to the actual site to reward yourself with incredible views of the city and surrounding area in a uniquely tranquil setting for a visit that will last no less than 30 minutes You can see the iconic white cross of Capilla de la Paz (Chapel of Peace) from almost anywhere in Acapulco.

  • Adult: 0-1, $115.50 | 2-3, $64.99 | 4-5, $62.99| 6-7, $60.99
  • | 8-9, $58.99| 10-11, $56.99 | 12-13, $54.99| 14-15, $52.99
  • $75.99USD Private Option minimum 2 passengers – (please contact me for a quote) or Call +52 7441104324
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During your horseback riding tour
During your horseback riding tour

Horseback Riding in Acapulco

At the Baby Turtle Release Camp
At the Baby Turtle Release Camp
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At the Baby Turtle Release Camp
During your Horseback Riding Tour
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