Senior Travelers accesible Acapulco Tours, Guides & Private Drivers


While senior travelers can be very active and energetic, as Acapulco Tour Guides of TourByVan we pay attention to their physical strength. We consider more small breaks during the sightseeing tour. We mind if they have problems with stairs or climbing. If our clients have mentioned illness or inaccessible activities in advance, we do put it into consideration when designing the tour itinerary.

We are prepared with the variety of topics. As we know senior travelers gain more life experience and they may be interested in many aspects of local life as for example, how to cook local foods, how people live, how long do people work normally.

We love listening to senior travelers and discuss the aspects they are mostly interested. We know senior travelers would love to share their own experiences and knowledge so we listen with respect. This is also the fun part being an Acapulco tour guide. We meet various people, hear their stories and learn from their life wisdom. When we find any particular topic our client is interested in, why not expand the discussion along the way? We ensure senior travelers a great personal sightseeing tour.

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