Coyuca Lagoon, Turtle Release, and Witch Doctor Market Tour from Acapulco from $48.99USD

Visit Acapulco’s Coyuca Lagoon and witch doctor market on a family-friendly guided tour. After a convenient hotel pickup, travel with your guide and small group to the market to learn about its traditional medicinal supplies. Enjoy a boat cruise on the scenic Coyuca Lagoon, eat a lunch of fresh seafood and other typical Mexican dishes, and release endangered turtle babies into the Pacific—all on this affordable full-day outing.

After pickup at your Acapulco hotel or at the cruise ship terminal, meet your guide and begin walking through the witch doctor market to learn how the natural elements sold here are still used in traditional medicine and ceremonies. Then enjoy a dramatic drive along the coast to the Coyuca Lagoon. Board a typical open-air boat to cruise the shoreline. Enjoy a coco loco (a fresh coconut spiked with gin) as you pass coconut plantations, jungle vegetation, and wildlife.  Back on land, proceed to a local turtle rescue program to learn how locals rescue and incubate the eggs of endangered turtle species to protect them from predators and poachers. Nothing can prepare you for the feeling of releasing a baby turtle directly into the Pacific.  After a typical lunch of fresh fish, grilled chicken, salads, tropical fruits, sodas, beer, and a well-stocked bar, walk or rest on the beach before returning to your hotel.

  • $48.99USD p/p if you are THREE or MORE passengers as a GROUP TOUR
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  • $74.99USD p/p if PRIVATE minimum 2 PASSENGERS BE A V.I.P.

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